About Author

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BC Cowling

BC embraces life’s adventures by focusing more on what he is doing than what he has. Relying on spiritual awareness, often called intuition, helps him to see the hidden lessons behind everyday encounters. Learning (still!) that ignoring this inner guidance often makes the road rougher to travel, he accepts opportunities to unfold however they come.

 When asked about his writing, he explains, “Forty years ago, I found I had little to write about. Ten years later, I began to develop my writer’s voice.” Today BC lives in Honolulu with his lovely wife Sweetie, delving into his personal experiences and imagination through his writing.

Thoughts I find helpful:

  • Love means giving freedom
  • Harmony is more important than being right
  • Washed my wallet along my jeans. Dried them too. Prefer to skip this experience in the future.
  • Love Gives
  • Power Wants To Control.