Writing and editing are water and oil.

I return to writing habitually over the years, but never give it its full due. Some event, person, or other diversion intervenes. Of course I am choosing to divert. Writing is tough for me even though it comes naturally. I get a spiritual high from the flow of creative energy, then can’t keep my balance. Like walking the razor’s edge that becomes red hot.

I plunge into a story that grows longer. Around 100 pages I flounder trying to keep people, plot and details in my head. The craft of writing a manuscript needs a distancing and organizing technique. 3 x 5 cards. Outline on a whiteboard. Something. I’m very visual so I need to see it to digest and work with the content. But I have not done the work to learn how to do this. 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. I have gotten high on the inspiration and veered off when the work became too hard.

The balance between writing and editing is also tricky. Writing is a flow. The better and stronger the flow the better the story telling. First drafts are messy. They need a lot of editing to become readable. Too many typos, awkward phrases, and plot collisions limit a reader’s experience. Editing kills flow. Oil and water. Both are necessary and they need to be separated like brawling siblings.

I’m 70 this year. No longer attached to publishing. I have several manuscripts to put up here, all of which need editing. You are welcome to come along. Patience required.

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